STILL becomes donor at the Logistics Hall of Fame

  • Hamburg-based intralogistics specialist STILL donates the “Logistics Leader of the Year” award for pacesetters and innovators in the logistics sector.
  • Proposals for Logistics Leader of the Year can be submitted until May 15, 2023, at


Credits: STILL GmbH / Logistics Hall of Fame


Ismaning near Munich, May 5, 2023. The Hamburg-based intralogistics specialist STILL has taken over the foundation for the “Logistics Leader of the Year” award. 

Entrepreneurs and managers from the transport and logistics industry who are currently operating particularly successfully or have set a trend-setting impulse will be honoured together with the Logistics Hall of Fame in the future. The focus is on topicality, benefits for the company, innovative strength, sustainability, and entrepreneurial change.

Frank Müller, Senior Vice President Brand Management at STILL, emphasized at the signing of the foundation agreement: “With this foundation, we want to send a strong signal for courage to change. STILL and the spirit of innovation have been linked inseparably for more than 100 years, and innovations have never been needed more urgently as they are today. Good ideas are conceived by bright minds, pioneers, innovation drivers and courageous decision-makers. It is these pacesetters and future makers in logistics that we need now – for intelligent concepts, for a sustainable future, for the smart use of alternative energy systems and for the responsible use of valuable resources.”

Anita Würmser, Executive Chairwoman of the Logistics Hall of Fame, said: “The world is changing from the bottom up, and logistics is playing an important role in an increasingly interconnected and globalized world. Together with STILL, we honour people who successfully shape this change and recognize their contribution to the advancement of one of the most important pillars of the global economy.”

The donator is represented with a seat on the council and on the jury. Beyond that he has no influence on the election results. The election takes place in the regular procedure. In the first round of voting, the Council nominates the finalists from all the proposals. In the second round of voting, around 70 internationally renowned industry experts from business, science, politics, and the media will decide who will bear the title of Logistics Leader of the Year.

Proposals or applications can be submitted free of charge in German or English language at until May 15, 2023. The award ceremony will take place at the annual Logistics Hall of Fame reception in Berlin at the end of the year.

The Logistics Hall of Fame documents the milestones of logistics around the world and the people who made it happen. To date, 39 men and women have been inducted. 

In addition to its preservation function, the Logistics Hall of Fame recognizes future-oriented achievements with the awarding of the Logistics Leader of the Year to initiate and promote innovations. The honourees were Port of Hamburg CEO Angela Titzrath, as well as Havi Supply Chain President Neil Humphrey, Hermes Germany CEO Olaf Schabirosky, and Blue Yonder founder Prof. Dr. Michael Feindt. 

Background STILL:

STILL is a leading provider of intralogistics solutions. Its portfolio includes forklift trucks, warehouse technology, connected systems and services. Among the key attributes of the company, which was founded in 1920 by Hans Still, are customer specific, best-fit solutions with an excellent service. It is STILL's aim to make intralogistics “smart”: to develop intelligent solutions that make warehouse operations smoother and more efficient, that better protect the health of the people who work there and at the same time meet the highest sustainability standards. To this end, STILL is pushing new solutions for e-mobility, automation, fleet and energy management, as well as circularity, i.e. the consistent conservation of resources and the recycling of materials used. With corporate headquarters in Hamburg, STILL employs around 9,000 people in 22 countries and is part of the publicly listed KION Group AG.

Background Logistics Hall of Fame:

The Logistics Hall of Fame honours outstanding personalities who have made lasting contributions to the further development of logistics and supply chain management. The aim is to serve as a global platform for documenting the milestones of logistics and honouring the people who made them happen, thus underscoring the importance of logistics for business and society. The Logistics Hall of Fame also presents the Logistics Leader of the Year Award to current pacesetters in logistics. The donor is the STILL GmbH. In addition, the Logistics Hall of Fame honours innovative logistics projects of humanitarian organizations with the Lynn C. Fritz Medal for Excellence in Humanitarian Logistics. The donor is the Fritz Institute. The non-profit initiative is supported by politics, associations, media, business, and science. Dr. Volker Wissing, Federal Minister for Digital and Transport, is the patron.


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