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What kind of achievements are necessary to be inducted into the Logistics Hall of Fame?

The achievement should represent a "milestone" that has positive effects on the logistical performance of a large number of companies or institutions. Achievements that only create benefits for a small group of companies and institutions – just one firm, for example – are not sufficient. Achievements that have a positive effect for only a limited period of time are also not enough to be inducted into the Logistics Hall of Fame. The achievement in question may be of a societal, scientific, technical or business management nature, but it must already have generated the necessary benefits. Theoretical concepts are not sufficient.

How are people inducted into the Logistics Hall of Fame?

The precondition for induction is a proposal by someone else or a personal application. Anyone can propose himself or herself or other people for induction. A jury made up of sector and logistics experts decides who is to be inducted.

Who decides who is inducted to the Logistics Hall of Fame?

The election process has two parts. In the first phase, the Council reviews all the received proposals and applications, and compiles a data sheet for each candidate detailing achievements and biographical data. The Council then nominates usually up to eight candidates from all the proposals and applications. These nominees are then submitted to the jury, who then vote to decide who will be the new inductee.

How do I propose new members?

Simply complete and send off the proposal form at in the "Members" section. Incomplete forms with unverifiable performance will be disqualified. Tip: the more detailed and complete the description of the achievements and their effects, the better. The jury attaches particular importance to the list of achievements.

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What's the best way to formulate a proposal?

Great deeds require few words. Proposals worded in the right way are even more effective. Keep it short and stick to the facts. One DIN A4 page is sufficient. Provide sources that can be used to verify the achievements. Use bullet points to give your proposal more structure. Answer the four key questions: Who? What? Why? When? Who is the person? Put it in a nutshell by using a descriptive phrase to connect the achievement with the individual (example: "father of containerisation", "inventor of the forklift truck", "pioneer of humanitarian logistics"). Outline the vita of the person in question in three sentences: early youth, education, career history. A short tabular resume listing the most important positions/assignments as well as photos of the person in question are mandatory. What has the individual achieved for logistics, and when? Tell the story of the achievement and the contribution of the proposed person to this achievement. Why should he or she be inducted into the Logistics Hall of Fame? Describe the positive impacts of this achievement on logistics.

Are the prospects of being elected to the Hall of Fame less favourable if I put forward my own name for induction?

No. It makes no difference whether people propose themselves or are proposed by others, as the "proposer" is not named in the election process itself. The key criterion is what the person in question has achieved in terms of the further development of logistics.

Who will know that I have proposed someone for the Hall of Fame?

Only the Council views all the applications and proposals. The jury only receives the nominations, but is not told who proposed the candidate. This information is treated in confidence. All applications, proposals and nominations are secret, as is the vote of the jury. The names of new members elected to the Logistics Hall of Fame are the only thing that is communicated in the public arena.

Can I also make anonymous proposals?

Yes, proposals and applications may also be submitted anonymously. To do this, simply complete the form and send it to the specified address by email. IMPORTANT: as no contact person is named to answer questions in the case of anonymous proposals, please make sure that the achievement and its impacts are described in full and in as much detail as possible, as there is otherwise the risk that the proposal will not be included in the selection process.

How many people are inducted into the Logistics Hall of Fame each year?

Generally one.

Can I also propose groups of people?

In principle, departments of companies, research institutions, federations, project groups or other groups or associations may also apply or be proposed. However, no abstract groups are inducted into the Hall of Fame but only specific individuals. The achievement of each individual person must therefore be verifiable and documented, as the jury assesses each individual person in the group. The bigger the group, the more difficult it is to document the achievement of each individual group member. In practice, this means that if the achievement of just one of the people in the group does not meet the criteria, it is highly probable that the entire group will be excluded from the selection process.

Where is the Logistics Hall of Fame?

The Logistics Hall of Fame is a virtual pantheon that can be accessed on the Internet at There is no actual building.

Who founded the Logistics Hall of Fame?

The logistics pantheon was initiated by Anita Würmser, Editor-in-Chief of the logistics magazines "LOGISTIK Heute", "VerkehrsRundschau" and "LOGISTIK inside" for many years, and founded on September 18, 2003.

What happens, if a juror is nominated?

If a juror or a member of the Council has been nominated, he or she automatically pauses for this election periode.

Who is behind the Logistics Hall of Fame?

The Logistics Hall of Fame is neutral, independent and non-profit oriented. Important sector associations and media work in the jury, the nomination committee or support the Hall of Fame. In order to secure its business activities, it is supported by numerous companies and institutions. The logistics pantheon was initiated by Anita Würmser. She now is the Executive Chairperson and Head of the Oganisation. The patron of the Hall of Fame is the German Federal Minister of Digital and Transport (BMDV).



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