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Logistics Hall of Fame wins BLG LOGISTICS as supporter

The BLG Group is a new member in the circle of supporters of the Logistics Hall of Fame.

The seaport and logistics service provider with its headquarters in Bremen is in this way committed to documentation of top performance in logistics and to the honoring of its makers.

"Logistics is system-relevant", states BLG board member Frank Dreeke. But many people still do not sufficiently appreciate Germany's third largest economic sector, which offers more than three million jobs. "That is why I have always seen it as our and also my very personal responsibility to change the image of logistics in people's minds," Dreeke continues. "It is a matter of honor for me to support the Logistics Hall of Fame in its commitment to our industry," he says, explaining the decision.

BLG LOGISTICS is a seaport and logistics service provider with an international network. BLG's roots go back to the year 1877. Today, BLG LOGISTICS is present in all growing markets of the world with more than 100 locations in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. The group of companies offers complex logistics system services to its customers from industry and trade.

The BLG business divisions AUTOMOBILE and CONTAINER are leaders in Europe. The CONTRACT division is one of the leading German suppliers. More than 11,700 BLG employees take responsibility for the smooth logistics of high-quality products every day.

Including all shareholdings, BLG LOGISTICS currently provides around 20,000 jobs.


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