European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL)

Since it was founded in 1991, EPAL has focused on developing and safeguarding the most successful open pooling system for load carriers worldwide. 

EPAL awards licences to checked producers and repairers. These undergo continual and independent inspections by external companies for quality assurance (Bureau Veritas, MÁV-REC Kft., China Certification & Inspection Group CCIC ). Thus, EPAL is able to ensure consistently high quality worldwide for its EPAL pallets and box pallets. 

Furthermore, EPAL undertakes communications work and lobbying in order to strengthen the system in the long term and develop it further. Lastly, EPAL optimises available products in close cooperation with market players and develops new solutions. 

Users of EPAL Euro pallets take advantage of the benefits of the open pool, the EPAL System, whose cornerstone is the continuous availability and global exchangeability, cost transparency and contractual independence. The huge number of A and B quality pallets from high-bay storage ensures that the open Euro pallet pool is the most extensive exchange pool of all. Due to the high reusability of EPAL pallets in the open pool, logistics costs and CO2 emissions can be massively reduced.


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